Minsan ang LRT parang pagibig lang, nag-aabang ka sa platform nang hindi mo alam kelan darating pero alam mong darating. At pag dumating, magdedesisyon ka, sasakyan mo ang pagibig na dumating? makikipag sapalaran at makikipagsisikan? o hahayaan mong lumipas ito at abangan ang susunod na kabanata?



LRT, riding trains in the Philippines is similar to going to war everyday. Once the beeping starts, the doors slides open. Everyone who ever watched the movie 300, would shout in their heads, ‘This is Spartaaa’. Like a Chinese that I am, I have formulated my own art of war. Still finishing my outline of it. Coming soon.





With my frequent dependence on the LRT I’ve began to make companions. Although not really friends, but just familiar companions. I often get to ride with the same set of people every day that every morning feels like high school again. You know him, but by face, and you don’t talk at all. A simple quick glance of acknowledgement will do. It’s like life, you get to meet people and one day you will part ways. Sometimes, you get to see these people from a far all the time but you will meet each other. (this reminds me of Algebra).

-Where do you think is your next station?


The ingress and egress of people in the LRT are similar to life. We’ll be with sets of people on our journey and each has their own designated stop. Pity the one who’ll alight the LRT last as he’ll look back to the once crowded couch and see it lessen with every stop. – Good thing for me, I like it whenpeople gets off at Gil Puyat station, then I’ll get to sit, but that was a short-lived moment of joy, because in the just two stops I’ll have to give up mine. I too, soon reach my stop.

Back to writing


So, I just graduated. I’m officially a Bachelor’s degree holder, a proud Thomasian! Also, one of my articles finally got its way to our College magazine, hoorraah! for me! here it is below, and yes that’s me.


Now that I’m already working, I want to keep my writing juices going, so I’m going to addict myself with blogging. I’m just not sure how many of them would be  academic just like my previous ones, if you guys have articles or academic journals you’d like to share, that would be great, of course, hopefully, its about HR.