When I finally chose not to wait.


The day I decide to stop waiting.
I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of the drama. My life back when I was a student isn’t as tormenting as it is now that I am working. No more. My brakes are pulled. So I lost my Mr. Would’ve- Could’ve-Should’ve, I gotta move up.  No more Miss hopeless romantic. 😃 it’s time for a new chapter-  but with a new strategy.
I won’t wait for the right guy to come along like a knight in shining armor. With flashing red carpet , spotlight, and glitters. I will just let him come along. No more waiting. I’ll leave it all in time. If it comes so shall it be. If it doesn’t , then that is okay. I am no damsel in distress. I won’t send out distress signal for available singles in the area. I am not that desperate.  I’m fine. I’m going spend what little energy that’s left of me to heal and love myself more. Apparently, loving oneself is a much more bigger task than loving someone else. I easily fell for someone whom I never expected to fall with. And damn, did I fell – on cold, hard, painful concrete. Haha anyway.. As of this writing, I’m still learning to love me. It ain’t easy. I have lapses time to time. I’ll allow myself to focus on being Miss Right to my future Mister Right ( hopeless romantic ehem*).

To my fellow singles, let’s not wait. There is nothing to wait for. In life, there is never really anything to be ready for. We can never really be prepared to what is coming. Love comes by unexpectedly. Do not go looking for love to fill the void that was emptied. Do not force it. Do not stay stagnant while waiting for the next ride of relationship to pass by. Use this quiet time to be a better version of You. Be a 2.0 version of you!. Forget about love for now (intimate love) and start loving yourself! Be with friends and family more. Invest on those. Their rebate is bigger and much more certain.t

So we got hurt. We can always love . Ang importante babangon. Pero for now, love gotta start from us.


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