Charlie’s Day

The Desk

“Charlie, sweetie wake up” she said.

I opened my eyes
braced myself.

Here comes another day.

Beautiful wife,
good home.

what more can I ask?

Brace yourself,
I said.

Here comes another day.

I opened my eyes

“Charlie you f*^& idiot, wake up!” she said.



The Desk

It’s the first after a long time.

I ever so gently. Ran my fingers over her.

Caressing her cold, white, smooth surface.

That frigid skin that had been calling out for my warmth –

For so                         l                          o                                     n                        g.

The metronome is speeding up-

I swallowed my fears.

I let my fingers explore. Till I find the right key – G.

I let out a smile.

Haven’t played the piano for a while now.