Collect and Select.

The Desk

Click. Click

Scroll down.


Then, after a while, he looked at me.

I smiled. he looked away.

Click click. Scroll down.


Drag. Drop to bin.

Click. Click.

Scroll down.

Select – New.


Oh. I forgot.

The Desk


It was a struggle.

as I tried to remember
What I was doing.
Where I was.

What is happening.

It was a                long              corridor.

flash, blood.
thin cold knife. one stroke.
Smile. Flash.
Blood everywhere. I recall screaming. Pleading. He was heartless.

I was scared. That, I remember. for sure.
I was running.
From something.
With someone.
Charlie?! Where are you.

Lights flashed.

There you are!! Charlie!!
What’s wrong?
why are you just
standing there Looking at me like that.?

come on bro, stop mimicking my mov…..

oh.. I forgot.

what a struggle.

Charlie’s Note

The Desk

Hysteria filled the 6th avenue of kowloon as authorities and ambulance rushed to the house of the Chang residence.

This note was found in a pool of blood.


“Dear Mom, Dad and baby Susie,

Please forgive me, for what I am about to do…

but this is because I love you.

Things haven’t been going well for me lately.

I can’t take it anymore. the booze and weed can no longer numb the pain, and neither can the cracks.

I really do love you all, but the voice inside of me tells me it’s the right thing to do.

I mean, there are a lot of voices.I don’t know I can’t control myself anymore.

I love you all,

I’m sorry, goodbye.



Authorities found the note in a pool of blood,

beside three almost unrecognizable corpses; two adults and a child.


The eldest son, Charlie Chang, missing.